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The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) unites pork producers with a strong voice through their voluntary investment.

SIP is the primary source of funds for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). These funds are used to strengthen NPPC’s mission to enhance and defend opportunities for U.S. pork producers at home and abroad. Pork producers participate by voluntarily investing a percentage of the sales of each market hog sold. A portion of this investment is distributed as unrestricted funds to the state organizations, allowing them to respond to threats on a local basis. Investors benefit from NPPC’s actions in the following areas:

  • Fighting for reasonable legislation and regulation – NPPC keeps costly regulation in check by connecting lawmakers and regulators with the reality of the U.S. pork industry.

  • Developing revenue and market opportunities– NPPC develops revenue opportunities for investors and aggressively defends investor interests in trade negotiations, increasing export market access for U.S. pork.

  • Protecting your livelihood – NPPC proactively addresses issues of industry and consumer concern, such as food safety, environmental protection, and animal health and welfare.

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