As a part of the swine industry, there is no doubt you see a need within the industry. Animal rights activists are determined to convey an inaccurate message to pork consumers around the country. As producers, exhibitors and industry members it is our responsibility to educate consumers on what we do. Have you ever been faced with a consumer question that you are unsure how to answer? This is your opportunity to educate consumers by conveying an accurate and correct message about hog production. It is important to be prepared when you are faced with a consumer based question to represent the industry in a positive way, while conveying accurate information. Indiana Pork staff has the resources and materials to help you prepare for these questions or concerns. Feel free to reach out to one of the staff members to learn how to handle these situations. Consumers want to know what is going on behind the white walls of Indiana hog barns, and it is our job to get our message out there. Use your voice to tell your story.